On Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday, the annual tradition of fans gathering outside his residence, Mannat, continued. At the stroke of midnight, there was a massive celebration that can only be described as epic. Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar, expressed his gratitude on Twitter for the overwhelming love and support he received. He mentioned how deeply he appreciates his fans showing up at 12 am to celebrate his birthday, emphasizing the strong connection he shares with his dedicated fanbase. This tradition is a testament to the enduring bond between Shah Rukh Khan and his audience.

Shah Rukh Khan tweeted a heartfelt message expressing how surprised he was at the late-night wishes he received from his fans. As an actor, he found immense happiness in the fact that he could bring a bit of entertainment to his audience. He humbly acknowledged that he lived in a dream fueled by their love and thanked them for allowing him to entertain them. He also expressed his gratitude for the well-wishes and the grand celebrations that took place outside Mannat. His humility and sincerity in the message touched the hearts of many, making it an emotional and genuine expression of gratitude.

The team of MissMalini wishes Shah Rukh Khan a very happy birthday!