Anushka Sharma continues to be the ultimate MVP in the stands, rock-solid alongside hubby Virat Kohli during his cricket matches. Their support game is so strong it deserves its own trophy! Meanwhile, Katrina Kaif spills the tea on the neighbours, giving us a peek into the fascinating world of Anushka and Virat.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, fondly known as Virushka, are one of the most powerful couples in the world of cricket and Bollywood but also in the neighborhood, as revealed by their friend and neighbour Katrina Kaif. In a recent chat with IANS, Katrina commended the couple’s unwavering support, emphasizing the genuine joy on Anushka’s face during Virat’s matches. Beyond the glamour, Katrina highlighted Virat’s inspirational dedication and discipline, solidifying the couple’s status as not just extremely great in their respective fields but also as a source of admiration for their neighbours.

Virat and Anushka, the epitome of couple goals, radiate sheer cuteness with their unwavering support and adorable moments.