In the world of Bollywood, where larger-than-life personalities and entertaining anecdotes abound, there’s one bedtime story that stands out as a chuckle-inducing classic. Picture this: Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan sharing a room during their early days in the industry. What could possibly go wrong? Well, it turns out, it was the decibel levels of Shah Rukh’s snores that led to a rather amusing bedtime showdown.

Salman Khan in one of his interviews revealed that during his shoot of Karan Arjun, the two had to share a bed with Sohail. While SRK dozed off first, he also started snoring next to Salman. Unable to bear the symphony of snores any longer, Salman, in a fit of playful exasperation, decided to take matters into his own hands—quite literally. In a move that would go down in the annals of Bollywood lore, Salman Khan gently kicked Shah Rukh Khan off the bed. The two share a great bond till date and we recently saw them together sharing screen in Salman’s Tiger 3!

As the two continue to shine brightly in the Bollywood galaxy, this bedtime escapade remains a delightful chapter in their enduring friendship, proving that even the most trivial moments can become timeless tales in the world of showbiz.