Ranbir Kapoor has been on a roll with ‘Animal’ promotions, and the latest stop on his promotional spree took an endearing turn on Nandamuri Balakrishna’s show, ‘Unstoppable with NBK.’ In a delightful moment, Ranbir, radiating pride, showcased his recent ‘Raha’ tattoo with sheer adorableness, turning the promotion into a playful showcase of his paternal joy. As the video goes viral, it’s not just the anticipation for ‘Animal’ that’s soaring, but also the heartwarming glimpse into Ranbir’s personal joy that has fans cheering.

The recently shared viral video, circulating on Ranbir Kapoor‘s fan pages on Twitter, captures a heartwarming moment on Nandamuri Balakrishna’s show, ‘Unstoppable with NBK.’ During the show, Ranbir took the opportunity to proudly showcase his brand-new tattoo featuring the name of his daughter, Raha Kapoor. The actor, along with Alia Bhatt, welcomed their daughter into the world in November 2022, and this charming display of parental joy has resonated with fans, amplifying the adoration for the Kapoor family. Ranbir not only flaunted the adorable tattoo but also conveyed the deep sense of pride they carry for their daughter, creating a cute and endearing moment that has now become a social media sensation.

As fans eagerly await the release of Animal this endearing glimpse into Ranbir Kapoor’s paternal pride and the sweet tattoo reveal on the show has left me yearning for more heartwarming insights into the Kapoor family’s joy with little Raha.

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