As the release of the much-anticipated crime thriller “Animal” approaches, the film’s promotional activities have reached a fever pitch, intensifying the already sky-high levels of anticipation among fans. The entire team, led by stars Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol, has been leaving no stone unturned in their promotional endeavors, generating a palpable buzz in the entertainment world. Amidst these efforts, a recent promotional event took an unexpected turn when Bobby Deol unveiled a heartwarming and adorable detail about Ranbir Kapoor and his daughter Raha.

During the music event, Bobby spilled the beans about Ranbir’s sweet side – turns out, the guy’s a big softie for his one-year-old daughter, Raha, and they’re all about those FaceTime vibes. Bobby couldn’t help gushing about Raha’s cuteness and how fast she was growing. He even connected the dots between the film’s complex storyline and Ranbir’s journey into fatherhood, saying it’s like watching a kid grow up in the movie. Ranbir chimed in with cute tales of virtual hugs and flying kisses from Raha. Plus, he threw in a playful shout-out for having a bunch of kids, claiming there’s no bigger joy. This revelation not only added a cozy touch to the event but also showed off the actor’s sweet bond with his little one which made the audience swoon over the heartwarming and downright adorable bond they share.

The endearing revelation about Ranbir’s FaceTime moments with little Raha is utterly adorable, making us fall in love with the Kapoor family’s heartwarming dynamics.