Alizeh Agnihotri makes her debut on the silver screen with a splash in the film ‘Farrey,’ directed by filmmaker Soumendra Padhi. Premiering in theaters last Friday, the movie has quickly become a darling of both critics and audiences. What adds an interesting twist to this tale is Alizeh’s revelation that, despite her cinematic pedigree, it was a certain Alia Bhatt movie that kindled her passion for acting.

In a recent interview with News18, Alizeh Agnihotri found her inspiration in Alia Bhatt’s impactful performance in ‘Highway’ during a flight home from college. Captivated by the evolving landscape of cinema and the empowerment of female characters, she delved into acting workshops, refining her skills through practice. Creating a reel of auditions, and positive feedback paved the way for her debut in ‘Farrey,’ an opportunity she found intriguing due to its unconventional approach. Working under the guidance of National Award-winning director Soumendra Padhi, Alizeh embraced the experience as a valuable lesson at the ‘school of acting,’ marking the beginning of her cinematic journey.

Alizeh’s journey into acting, sparked by Alia’s influence and fueled by a passion for empowered roles, paints an intriguing portrait of evolving aspirations in the film industry.

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