Amidst the roaring success of his latest release, Tiger 3, Salman Khan, flanked by co-stars Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi, recently spilled some behind-the-scenes secrets recently. Beyond the cinematic triumphs, Salman revealed a personal fear that genuinely scares him the most!

Salman Khan engaged in a recent chat with Pinkvilla, delving into the recent addition to the Tiger series and reflecting on his cinematic journey. Amidst the various queries, one question stood out—his fears. Salman responded with candor, expressing a fear of losing respect, especially if he had let someone down. The opinions of those who love him, be it family, friends, or fans, matter greatly. That’s his real apprehension. ‘Everything else? Meh, not so much!’ Talk about a Bollywood icon with a heart of gold and a genuine concern for the feelings of his fanbase

Fans are eagerly anticipating more of Salman Khan’s charisma on the big screen after the success of ‘Tiger 3‘. His magnetic presence and versatile performances leave audiences hungry for the next cinematic adventure with the Bollywood icon