On Shaheen Bhatt’s special day, the Bhatt sisters, Alia and Pooja, radiated joy on social media, weaving a tapestry of affectionate wishes. Alia, with her endearing charm, penned a heartfelt message, while Pooja, in her signature style, added a touch of humor to the celebration. The trio’s unbreakable bond shimmered through their posts, making Shaheen’s birthday a delightful, family-filled affair that resonated with love and laughter.

On the special day of her elder sister Shaheen Bhatt, Alia Bhatt took to her Instagram with a heartwarming celebration. Through a series of charming pictures, Alia, not claiming to be a writer or poet, expressed her love in a unique way – with a sweetly crafted poem. In the whimsical verses, she described Shaheen as joy, light, sunshine, and breeze, adding a playful touch with a wish for her sister’s knees. The post, embodying the pure essence of their sisterly bond, radiated affection, making it a delightful ode to Shaheen on her special day.

In the realm of sweet sisterly love, Alia’s heartfelt poem for Shaheen created an adorable moment, weaving warmth and affection into the tapestry of their bond. It was a celebration of shared joy and laughter, encapsulating the essence of their inseparable sisterhood.