Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna, and Bobby Deol have gone all out with the promotions of ‘Animal’ and fans are loving every moment of it! During the recent promotional event, Rashmika Mandanna revealed what she has learned from Ranbir Kapoor during the shoot of ‘Animal’ and it’s just so adorable!

During the recent Hyderabad promotions Rashmika Mandanna revealed that she learned what love and respect Ranbir Kapoor has for his fans, family, and generally everyone he works with. She revealed how respectful he is. She said “Love that he carries for his family, for fans, and the love that he carries for everyone he works with is really admirable. That is something I really respect.” She also spoke about how Ranbir teases her about her Korean heart pose and she says if she didn’t teach him that pose one day Raha would be teaching that pose to him. The bond between the ‘Animal’ team is truly adorable and admirable as they have such a cute connection with their bromance and strong bonds!

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I’m eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Animal’ after all that they have revealed it seems nothing less than epic!