Shah Rukh Khan, the iconic Bollywood actor renowned for his romantic portrayals on screen, takes an unexpected turn as he introduces ‘kushti’ as a date idea in his recent cinematic endeavours. The proof lies in the captivating scenes from his latest projects, where Khan injects a dose of unpredictability into the conventional notion of romance.

In a departure from the usual candlelit dinners and grand gestures, Khan’s characters in these scenes engage in metaphorical wrestling matches of emotions and challenges. The concept of ‘kushti’ as a date idea signifies a playful yet intense approach to building connections, adding a layer of excitement to the age-old pursuit of love. Whether it’s the passionate confrontations with Deepika Padukone in ‘Jawan’ where the two were seen in an intense ‘kushti’ battle in the rain, which wooed the audience and how! On the other hand, we have the unconventional love story with Taapsee Pannu in ‘Dunki,’ Shah Rukh Khan is seen wrestling with his lady love, and he infuses these scenes with a spirit of unpredictability.

As Shah Rukh Khan continues to redefine the romance genre, these scenes stand as proof that love, much like ‘kushti,’ can be a spirited and dynamic journey.