Bollywood has its fair share of iconic love stories, and one that continues to captivate fans is the enduring romance between Ajay Devgn and Kajol. In a recent revelation, Ajay shared a heartwarming detail about his proposal to Kajol during the shoot of the film ‘Ishq.’ The revelation came to light through a throwback picture shared by Kajol herself, featuring not only the couple but also Juhi Chawla and Aamir Khan from the sets of the beloved movie.

The throwback picture posted by Kajol on her Instagram account transported fans back to the golden era of 90s Bollywood, capturing the camaraderie between the cast members of ‘Ishq.’ However, it was Ajay Devgn’s comment on the post that sent fans into a frenzy. In a sweet and surprising revelation, Ajay disclosed that he had proposed to Kajol during the shoot of ‘Ishq’ with her own ring. The actor, known for his stoic on-screen persona, showcased a romantic and playful side as he reminisced about the special moment. This revelation added a new layer to the nostalgia-inducing picture, making it even more cherished among fans.

As fans expressed their excitement and adoration for the couple in the comments section, the revelation became a trending topic on social media. It showcased a different side of Ajay Devgn, one that complements the powerful and intense roles he is known for on screen.