Twinkle Khanna, the maestro of words and a delightful force in the literary world, is about to sprinkle some magic dust with the launch of her newest book and this audience is ready for a rollercoaster of emotions! In the middle of the book Buzz, her hubby, Akshay Kumar, couldn’t resist sharing the excitement. He hopped onto Instagram, sending vibes of playful excitement and admiration for Twinkle’s writing escapades.

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna shine as a delightfully unique couple, always embracing the fun side of their relationship. Marking the launch of Twinkle’s fourth book, ‘Welcome to Paradise,’ Akshay couldn’t help but pour his heart out on Instagram. Sharing a picture from the book launch, where Twinkle’s smile lit up the room, Akshay playfully expressed his overflowing pride. He marveled at her ability to tackle challenges, from venturing into writing to returning to university in her 40s, all while gracefully defying societal norms. With a touch of humor, he playfully anticipated that her latest literary creation would add a few more inches to his already ‘big chest.’ He also celebrated and added congratulations to Twinkle adding another gem to her collection and making hearts flutter with joy!

Akshay’s sweet note to Twinkle was as adorable and his celebrating her achievements with genuine pride and playful charm is a must-see! Congratulations to Twinkle on the launch of ‘Welcome to Paradise,’ a testament to her literary brilliance and the joy she brings to readers!

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