The highly anticipated Animal, featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna, has become the talk of the town with its trailer release and the amazing sings, creating a frenzy among eager fans. As excitement mounts for the film’s arrival this week, discussions have swirled around a possible cameo by Shahid Kapoor as Kabir Singh. Drawing parallels, Sandeep Reddy’s films, both Kabir Singh and Animal, have been eagerly awaited by fans, with the former winning hearts.

In a recent chat with Pinkvilla, Sandeep Reddy Vanga tackled the rumours swirling around a video of Ranbir Kapoor at a hospital in ‘Animal,’ sparking chatter about a potential Kabir Singh cameo by Shahid Kapoor. When asked about the possibility of creating a shared movie universe, Sandeep coolly shared his view, saying he believes in it happening naturally, not by force. His approach adds a dash of intrigue, suggesting that any crossover should unfold organically for a more engaging and enjoyable cinematic experience.

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‘Kabir Singh’ blew our minds with its intense storytelling, and now the anticipation for ‘Animal,’ coupled with Sandeep’s unique touch, has us on the edge of our seats, eager for another rollercoaster!

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