Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor were blessed with daughter Raha a year ago today. Alia and Ranbir have been very public about their affection for their daughter and don’t shy away from showing it. The couple even requested the paparazzi to not click their daughter’s face. In a recent interaction, Alia revealed whether she will be revealing Raha’s face on the occasion of her first birthday and fans are awaiting the day they finally get to see her face.

In a recent chat with Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, when Alia Bhatt was asked whether she would reveal her daughter Raha’s face on the day she turns one year old, Alia responded and says that she doesn’t want to hide her daughter’s face and she’s extremely proud of her. Alia explains how she requested the paparazzi because they were new parents and didn’t want the face of their daughter all over social media because she was barely even a year old. Alia reveals how eventually when they are ready and comfortable they will show Raha’s face. The actress also specifies how it could be now, or anytime in the near future, or even later but she’ll definitely do it when it feels right.

On the occasion of Raha’s first birthday, the team of MissMalini wishes the little one a very happy birthday!