In a heartwarming display of paternal pride, veteran actor Dharmendra recently took to Instagram to shower accolades on his son Bobby Deol for his performance in the highly-anticipated film ‘Animal.’ The emotional post, captioned “My Talented Bob,” gives fans a glimpse into the close-knit bond shared by the Deol family and underscores the immense talent Bobby brings to the silver screen.

Check it out below…

The Deol family has long been revered in Bollywood, with Dharmendra being a legendary figure in the industry. His heartfelt Instagram post reflects not only the familial bond but also the acknowledgement of Bobby’s growth and success in the ever-evolving landscape of Indian cinema. Bobby Deol, who has been experiencing a career resurgence with critically acclaimed performances, seems to have struck the right chord once again with his role in ‘Animal.’

The post not only underscores the profound influence of family support in the film industry but also showcases the humility and appreciation that runs deep in the Deol family.