The eighth season of “Koffee With Karan” has once again brought forth some intriguing revelations, and none more captivating than the secret code employed by Bollywood power couple Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal to discreetly exit parties. In a recent episode, Vicky Kaushal spilled the beans on a clever communication tactic the duo employs in public spaces, providing a glimpse into the playful dynamics of their relationship.

As the charismatic Vicky Kaushal sat down with host Karan Johar, the conversation took an amusing turn when the topic of their relationship dynamics arose. Amidst laughter and banter, Vicky revealed that he and Katrina have a discreet and playful method to signal their desire to leave a gathering without making it obvious to everyone. In the midst of a social gathering, where leaving abruptly might attract attention, Katrina resorts to giving Vicky’s hand a tight squeeze. Vicky, the ever-attentive partner, has learned to interpret this non-verbal cue as a signal that Katrina is ready to make an exit.

The two make for a very adorable couple!

The playful yet practical approach to communication adds a unique charm to their public appearances, making them a couple to watch not only for their on-screen chemistry but also for the genuine connection they share off-screen.

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