Actress Lakshmika Sajeevan, renowned for her standout performance as Panjami in the viral short film ‘Kaakka,’ passed away today in Sharjah following a sudden and tragic heart attack. Her portrayal resonated with audiences, making her a household name and leaving a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

Amidst an air of mystery, the details surrounding Lakshmika’s demise in Sharjah remain unclear, though early reports suggest a heart attack. With the past few years dedicated to her craft in the UAE, Lakshmika’s sudden departure is a poignant loss for the entertainment community. Her lasting impact, particularly through the acclaimed role in ‘Kaakka,’ underscores the profound influence she had on audiences and peers.

Sending sincere condolences and love to Lakshmika Sajeevan’s friends and family during this difficult time. May she rest in peace.