Alia Bhatt turned the mehendi ceremony into a carnival of cuteness as she posed with her pals, turning every snapshot into a treasure trove of joy. In the kaleidoscope of friendship, their laughter became the paintbrush, creating strokes of pure fun. Decked out in pink, Alia wasn’t just attending a ceremony; she was orchestrating a symphony of adorable moments.

In a delightful Instagram post, Alia Bhatt unfolded the magic of friendship at her friend’s mehendi ceremony recently. Wrapped in a stunning pink kurta, she radiated joy while posing with friends, flowers showering her like confetti. Her choice of minimal makeup and heavy earrings accentuated the elegance. As she shared the pictures, Alia’s caption, “Bridesmaids and lots of love,” painted a picture of pure camaraderie. A moment frozen in time showed her blowing kisses to young fans, her smile echoing the genuine connection that transcends through the frames, leaving an indelible mark of love and friendship.

Alia Bhatt’s mehendi post was an adorable symphony of joy and friendship, capturing the essence of the celebration in each frame!

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