Shah Rukh Khan, riding high on the excitement for his new movie ‘Dunki,’ spilled the beans during an Ask SRK session on X. On his way back from Dubai, where he promoted the film, he shared the amusing reactions of Gauri Khan and AbRam after watching the movie.

Shah Rukh spilled the Dunki beans during an Ask SRK session on X. When asked about Gauri’s take on the film, he shared, “She said it’s a film to be very proud of and loved the humor. #Dunki.” And when quizzed about AbRam, he hilariously revealed, “Abram has seen it and he keeps singing ‘I want to go to Lavatory!!!’ #Dunki.” Looks like the Khan family has added a musical twist to their movie reviews which makes the Dunki a must-watch!

Even I can’t wait to dive into the laughter ride of Dunki, eager for the magic Shah Rukh Khan and the team have cooked up on screen!

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