In a recent episode of Koffee With Karan Season 8, Bollywood director Rohit Shetty opened up about the fascinating journey that led to the creation of the iconic ‘Golmaal’ franchise. Shetty’s candid revelations shed light on the challenges he faced after his initial setback in the film industry and the pivotal role played by his resilience and collaboration with Ajay Devgn. Rohit Shetty began his cinematic journey with a film that unfortunately failed to make waves at the box office. Despite the initial setback, Shetty refused to be disheartened.

Undeterred by the disappointing response to his debut film, Shetty reached out to his friend and collaborator, Ajay Devgn, one night. In a heart-to-heart conversation, Shetty expressed his concerns and uncertainties about the future. Devgn, displaying unwavering support and camaraderie, reassured Shetty that setbacks were a natural part of the industry, and together they would rise above them. Following this motivational conversation, Rohit Shetty redirected his efforts toward a thriller project, showcasing his versatility as a filmmaker. Neeraj Vora, a key figure in the world of Indian cinema, presented Shetty with an intriguing play idea that had the potential to captivate audiences. This play, unbeknownst to Shetty, would lay the foundation for what would become one of Bollywood’s most beloved comedy franchises – ‘Golmaal.’

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Rohit Shetty’s journey from the setback of his initial film to the creation of the ‘Golmaal’ franchise exemplifies the indomitable spirit of a filmmaker who refused to be defined by failure.

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