A powerful throne and all eyes set to see who sits on it as vultures surround it. This may sound to you like an episode description of ‘Game Of Thrones’ but this is the premise of Prashanth Neel’s latest release, ‘Salaar: Cease Fire – Part 1’. Ever since the trailer was released, the filmmaker surely grabbed eyeballs considering his last two releases ‘KGF’ and ‘KGF2’ were such moolah collectors. It was surely obvious that what the master filmmaker makes next would be a matter of intrigue and yes, it was. While many even thought that he was trying to recreate the ‘KGF’ world with his latest fictional location, ‘Khansaar’, I just like everyone was (almost) on the same bandwagon. You can’t blame me, TBH! But I have finally managed to watch the film and if I have to sum up my experience in one word, that’d be, MIND FREAKING BLOWING! (I said it!)

This is exactly how I felt as I exited the theatre after a 2-hour 52-minute drama. The film like the trailer serves you a platter of two best friends’ story (Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran), bond with each other and their bromance is palpable I was onboard from the word go. What the trailer doesn’t prepare you for is what’s in store. What initially looks like a tale of two besties slowly and gradually starts showing its true form and as the layers peel you see the magnum opus Neel has in store for it and I am telling you it is MASSIVE! The scale is grand, the characters are well-arched and the tension which builds in every scene, keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the film. And as you watch this narrative uncover on the celluloid you only sit back and think, wow, I didn’t guess that. There is a part in the film where Shruti Hassan’s character says, “Wait.. wait… I need a drink!” My mind said at that moment, “Us, Shruti, US!” And of course in a good way. Neel has beautifully packed this one with the perfect ingredients of drama, action (loads of it), blood, gore, deceit and of course, the throne! 


Let’s talk about ‘Salaar’ aka ‘Deva’ played by Prabhas. The man gives the same goosebumps he gave you with ‘Baahubali’. If you missed the actor and his on-screen presence after that period drama, all I can say is that the Rising Star has arrived, yet again. Every scene is tailor-made for him and Prabhas shines in it. The high-speed shots, the action sequences and the entry and dialogues, only contribute to his demigod image and the ‘Baahubali’ actor lives up to the mass’s expectations. ‘Vardharaja Mannaar’ played by Prithviraj Sukumaran is an equal to Prabhas in this tale. He looks king-like in every frame and his demeanour and body language contribute to his character so well. While you may go weak in your knees looking at Prabas’ fight sequences, it is Prithviraj’s wit and charm that Neel has beautifully packaged which makes it difficult for the audience to choose their favourite. 


Another great aspect of this Prashanth directorial is the supporting cast. We’ve witnessed that already with ‘KGF’ and its sequel and this time too, the director scores an A+ when it comes to his supporting cast. They not only contribute massively to the story but their gray shades only spice up this Neel’s delicacy to the T. Special mention to Shreya Reddy and John Vijay for essaying those characters brilliantly. 


The first half of the film only gets you in the mood, and it is after intermission that the film just keeps giving like Santa on Christmas! The sequences are well planned, the background score only makes those scenes delightful and the build-up is huge. All in all, this one is a must-watch on the 70mm and it will only get you super excited for part 2, titled, ‘Salaar: Part 2 – Shouryanga Parvam’. 


  1. The scene right after intermission is super important so if you want to understand the world of ‘Salaar’, I suggest you rush back to your seat soon.

  2. Try being distracted by anything while watching the film because even a single missed dialogue will get you super confused as to what happened, because a lot is happening, literally! 

    This one surely deserves 4 stars!