Bollywood has a knack for delivering chart-topping songs that become instant favourites, and the latest viral sensation is no exception. Bobby Deol‘s striking entry song, ‘Jamaal Jamaaloo,’ from the upcoming film ‘Animal,’ has taken the internet by storm. However, what many might not know is that the catchy tune is actually an old Iranian song composed by the Khatereh Group. A YouTube channel had uploaded the song in 2013, and since the release of ‘Animal,’ the views for the video have skyrocketed.

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Check out the original track below…

The YouTube channel that uploaded the song in 2013 has seen a significant surge in views since the release of ‘Animal.’ This resurgence highlights the power of Bollywood to not only create but also to bring attention to hidden gems from diverse musical traditions around the world. The fusion of an Iranian classic in a Bollywood film showcases the ability of cinema to celebrate diversity and introduce audiences to sounds they might not have encountered otherwise. Bobby Deol’s powerful screen presence and the infectious energy of ‘Jamaal Jamaaloo’ have undoubtedly added a lot to the film ‘Animal.’

The discovery of ‘Jamaal Jamaaloo’ being an Iranian classic only adds to the intrigue and excitement surrounding this Bollywood thriller.

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