Sandeep reddy Vanga’s ‘Animal’ where Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna redefine action and crime on the big screen. Amidst the film’s roaring success, the spotlight shines not just on the gripping narrative but also on the breathtaking Pataudi Palace, Saif Ali Khan’s luxurious residence transformed into the lavish home of Ranbir’s character. Beyond the cinematic realm, immerse yourself in the grandeur and intrigue through captivating pictures that unveil the splendor within the palace!

The allure of Pataudi Palace extends beyond its regal architecture; it serves as the captivating backdrop for Ranbir Kapoor’s film “Animal.” Saif Ali Khan’s sister, Soha Ali Khan, provided a bird’s-eye view of the expansive palace, emphasizing its grandeur. Inside glimpses, shared by Kareena Kapoor Khan and others, offer a peek into the luxurious world within, leaving fans enchanted by the beauty of the ‘Pataudi Palace.’

Pataudi Palace has witnessed the magic of films like ‘Veer Zaara’ and ‘Rang De Basanti.’ As it continues to weave its charm on-screen, fans eagerly anticipate the palace’s encore in more films.

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