Sunny Deol basks in 2023’s glory with the triumphant return in ‘Gadar 2: The Katha Continues’ alongside Ameesha Patel. The year brought not only the movie’s success but also a heartwarming reconciliation with Shah Rukh Khan at the vibrant success bash in Mumbai. In a recent interview, Sunny shares the joy of renewed bonds and expresses gratitude Adding a touch of camaraderie, Sunny recalls the lively encounter with Salman Khan, making the celebration of ‘Gadar 2’ a memorable affair.

According to Hindustan Times, Shah Rukh Khan‘s presence at the Gadar 2 success party in Mumbai, marked by a viral picture of him embracing Sunny Deol, unveiled a new chapter in their relationship. Sunny Deol explained the evolved dynamic, stating, “Everybody has moved ahead in life and is mentally happy and secure with what they have. Time is a healer, and it’s best to leave the past where it belongs.” He expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from various actors at the success bash and fondly recounted a playful moment with Salman Khan, adding, “I remember whispering into Salman’s (Khan) ear, ‘Tu merko bulata tha apni parties mein, main nahi aata tha, saale tu mere yahaan aa hi gaya’ (You used to invite me to your parties, and I never attended, and here you are at mine). There was a lot of warmth. Us Deols are blessed.” The camaraderie and laughter at the party showcased a moment of unity and joy among Bollywood’s celebrated stars.

Sunny Deol’s pictures with Shah Rukh Khan and sharing a playful moment with Salman Khan broke the internet, sparking widespread intrigue and excitement. The audience eagerly anticipates more such heartwarming moments, uniting Bollywood icons!