In a recent eviction on ‘Bigg Boss 17,’ evicted contestant Neil Bhatt made gripping revelations about his journey inside the Bigg Boss House, leaving the audience stunned. He has spilled the beans on his experience and many interesting details of the house.

Here Are 5 Shocking Revelations Neil Bhatt Made After Being Evicted From ‘Bigg Boss 17’…

1. Neil Bhatt On Ankita Lokhande’s Relations Inside The House

Neil Bhatt told Krushna Abhishek on ‘Bigg Buzz’ that Ankita believes her relationships are strategic, keeping a distance from those she sees as similar. Aishwarya criticizes this approach, urging Ankita to connect beyond assumptions and hypotheticals.

2. Neil Bhatt Predicted The Top 5 Contestants

Neil Bhatt told Krishna Abhishek on ‘Bigg Buzz’ that Manara is emotional, he favours Rinku and Jigna while disliking Vicky, Samarth, and Isha. He sees potential for Munawar and mentions Vicky, Ankita, Isha, and Abhishek for the top 5 if certain changes occur.

3. Neil Bhatt On Vicky Jain

After being evicted from Bigg Boss 17 alongside Rinku Dhawan, Neil Bhatt shared his perspective on Vicky Jain’s gameplay with Mid-Day emphasizing Vicky’s focus on numbers over strategic play.

4. Neil Bhatt On Isha And Abhishek’s Breakup

In an interview with Sidharth Kannan, Neil condemned the manipulative tactics employed by Isha and Samarth, emphasizing their exploitation of Abhishek’s vulnerabilities post his breakup with Isha. Neil highlighted the adverse impact on Abhishek, who had to undergo psychiatric treatment, and how Isha’s name-calling and insults further affected his mental health.

5. Neil Bhatt On Who He Thinks Will Win

In an interview with Indian Express, Neil Bhatt suggested that for Bigg Boss 17 victory, either Munawar or Abhishek could emerge as the winner with a change in their approach.

The revelations from Neil Bhatt about ‘Bigg Boss 17’ are truly shocking, adding an unexpected layer to the dynamics. Eagerly awaiting more details of contestants’ experiences.