Veteran actor Zeenat Aman joined Instagram in 2023 and has posted several throwback pictures and memories from her life and film career. In a recent Instagram post, Zeenat Aman revealed which actor had ‘rizz’. It’s none other than late veteran actor Feroz Khan who she honored through her heartfelt social media post. She also recalled how he cut her pay on the ‘Qurbani’ set for a particular reason. Here’s what Zeenat Aman had to say…

The Bollywood actress revealed what happened when she once reached late to the set of ‘Qurbani’. “I often discuss set etiquette in my captions, so I’d be amiss to neglect Feroz’s influence on me in this regard. I was quite a diligent worker, but on one occasion my youth got the better of me. Though we had an early call time the next day, I agreed to go out to a party. It was a fantastic night of dance and drink, and unsurprisingly I landed up one hour late to set. Feroz was glowering behind his camera, and before I could offer him my meager excuse, he cut me down to size. “Begum, you’re late and you’re going to pay for the delay.” No argument, no scolding, but you can be sure that he docked my pay to pay the crew for that one-hour delay!” Zeenat Aman shared.

Zeenat Aman also shared how ‘Qurbani’ remains one of her favorite projects to date. “Feroz was suave, charming and polished. He was a talented actor-director, and Qurbani remains one of my favorite projects to date,” Zeenat Aman revealed.

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