‘Bigg Boss 17’ viewers witnessed an array of unexpected twists and turns during the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ with Salman Khan at the helm. The megastar didn’t hold back, schooling contestants for their mistakes, urging them to voice opinions, and emphasizing the need to be independent of ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ guidance. The episode reached new heights of shock with Abhishek Kumar’s surprising return to the show after Ankita Lokhande’s eviction, adding more intrigue and drama to the already intense atmosphere.

In a recent episode of ‘Bigg Boss 17’, Salman Khan had a serious talk with Abhishek Kumar, Isha Malviya, and Samarth Jurel. He scolded them for not being consistent in their behavior, especially when they were friendly one week and arguing the next. Salman warned them that their actions could harm their image and careers forever. He criticized them for turning the game dirty by bringing in personal issues, especially calling out Isha for discussing Abhishek’s mental health on national TV.

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Salman stressed the importance of treating mental health seriously and told Isha and Samarth that making fun of someone’s struggles is the worst thing they could do. He advised Samarth, as Isha’s boyfriend, to stop her from talking about Abhishek on TV. Salman also called out Abhishek for damaging Isha’s reputation on national television. He warned them all to focus on the coming weeks to overshadow their past controversies and think about their professional lives.

Excited for the next few weeks of Bigg Boss 17! Can’t wait to see the unfolding drama and twists in store. The anticipation is real!