Tabu added a touch of twists to the recent Weekend Ka Vaar on ’Bigg Boss 17,’ showcasing her close bond with host Salman Khan. The duo shared lighthearted moments, from joking about their marital status to surprising viewers with unexpected marriage plans. The episode provided a delightful glimpse into their bond, creating a memorable and entertaining segment for both contestants and viewers.

Tabu brought many funny moments to the episode when she jokingly remarked about making others perform marriage rituals on their behalf, adding a comical twist to the conversation. In response, Salman Khan, with his trademark wit, suggested the idea of conducting rituals on wheelchairs and heading straight to the pyre, injecting a dose of humor into the marriage plans. Tabu also playfully referred to Salman and Ajay Devgn as ‘anmol ratans,’ and her characterization of the Bigg Boss 17 made the episode even more hilarious!

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The exchange showcased the bond between Tabu and Salman, leaving the audience entertained and amused by the unexpected twists in the conversation.