Chocolate silk is definitely this season’s must-try hair color. The color usually comes in a dark brown shade with a sense of warmth and sheen. This hair color shade suits almost all skin tones, and several celebrities all around the globe are rocking it.

While choosing a perfect chocolate silk hair color, one must opt for rich dark brown tones with a warm undertone that evoke the texture of silk and chocolate. If your’e someone who likes to experiment then you can add a dash of golden to your chocolate silk colored hair down towards the ends. The muted golden shade will add a certain sophisticated dimension to your hair color.

If you’re skeptical about trying a completely dark hair color like chocolate silk, you can tone it down a little bit by opting for a lighter shade. Letting golden tones dominate the brown color is the way to go if you don’t want to go all in with the chocolate silk hair color.

I would personally try chocolate silk hair color because the shade adds a certain elegance to your style. It makes you stand apart from the crowd with its alluring natural looking gloss. People who love coloring their hair but don’t want to cause a lot of damage to their tresses can definitely give chocolate silk hair color a try.