2023 was definitely the year of beauty, as we saw numerous trends surface online. Many beauty hacks are set to make waves this year as well and capture the attention of fashionistas. Some of the most anticipated beauty trends of the year are the ones from the 2000s. Here are some of the most popular beauty trends of the 2000s that’re going big in 2024…

1. Glossy Lips

A little bit of gloss hurts no one! Well, glossy lips are making a comeback, and we’re all ready for it. Shiny lips are now being rocked by Gen Z’s as well, so let’s add some sheen to our makeup looks this year with poppin’ lip-glosses and glossy lipsticks.


2. Frosty Face Makeup Look

This makeup trend involves achieving a dreamy and dewy look by using a primer followed by minimal foundation, concealer, and loose powder. Further, a low shimmer highlighter and light blush will give you a subtle hazy look.

3. Blue Eyeshadow

A blue eyeshadow makeup look was one of the most popular beauty trends of the 2000s and gave your style an uber-cool edge.


4. Perfectly Contoured Makeup Look

A precise contour is what celebrities in the 2000s rocked. Over the years, the placement of contours on the face became a bit too high. This is definitely the year of precisely placed contour, and fashionistas are all set to finally start applying contour according to the face shapes.

5. Espresso Makeup Look

Inspired by the deep tones of a coffee brew, an espresso look is pretty timeless. Adding deep brown shades to your makeup, along with subtle tones of velvety chocolate and shades of mocha, gives this makeup look a rich finish.


6. Red Lips

Lipstick is definitely the most important component of your makeup, and classy red lips will never go out of fashion, be it in the 2000s or 2024. Times have changed, yet a red lipstick remains a must-have item in your pantry.

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