Raveena Tandon, anticipating the release of her web series ‘Karmma Calling,’ directed by Ruchi Narain, will portray the role of a powerful and affluent woman. Interestingly, Raveena disclosed a surprising revelation, admitting to having declined the prominent web show ‘Aarya’ the role eventually taken on by Sushmita Sen.

Raveena Tandon, renowned for her impressive career, revealed to Hindustan Times her decision to turn down the acclaimed web series ‘Aarya.’ Expressing her desire to surprise audiences with something new, she opted for ‘Aranyak’ as her digital debut. Raveena referred to herself as a ‘greedy actor,’ acknowledging her eagerness to take on diverse projects. Despite the success of ‘Aarya,’ she conveyed her wish to work with director Ram Madhvani and explained to him the reasons behind her decision, which he understood.

Anticipation builds as Raveena Tandon gears up for ‘Karmma Calling,’ where she portrays an influential character, adding excitement for fans eagerly awaiting her performance in the upcoming web series.