In a recent revelation, Priyanka Chopra, the global icon and cousin to actress Mannara Chopra, suggested that Mannara change her name from Barbie Handa to Mannara Chopra. This advice came during a film screening where Priyanka, known for her keen business acumen, felt that a name change could be beneficial for Mannara’s career. The journey from Barbie Handa to Mannara Chopra is not just about a change in nomenclature; it symbolizes a transformation, a strategic move to align with the dynamics of the Indian film industry.

The interesting twist in the tale came during a film screening, attended by both Priyanka Chopra and Mannara. It was during this event that Priyanka, known for her astute judgment in the industry, advised Mannara to consider a name change. Inspired by her sister Mitali, whose name starts with ‘M,’ Mannara chose a name that not only adheres to the familial tradition but also carries a meaningful essence. Explaining the choice, Mannara said in an old interview, “My sister’s name is Mitali, which starts from M. So, she thought I should also have something that starts from M. And, it is Mannara. Mannara means something that shines. So, it is a nice shiny name.”

The actress further revealed that despite the official change, her family continues to affectionately call her Barbie at home. Mannara Chopra’s journey is a testament to the importance of adaptability and strategic rebranding in the dynamic world of entertainment.