Bigg Boss 17 gets more intense each day, and Samarth Jurel, the latest evictee, spilled the beans on his dynamics with Abhishek Kumar, shedding light on the incident where things took an unexpected turn. Dive into the details for a riveting account of the inside scoop.

In a recent Pinkvilla report, Samarth Jurel explained why he provoked Abhishek Kumar in Bigg Boss 17. Samarth admitted it might not have been the best move but said it was necessary because Abhishek made hurtful comments about Isha that really bothered him. Samarth clarified he didn’t join the show to stay quiet. The situation got worse when Samarth teased Abhishek for seeking therapy, and it ended with Abhishek hitting him. Other housemates were shocked and protested, but Salman Khan criticized Samarth and the housemates during the weekend episode for not standing up against the perceived injustice. Outside the house, Abhishek gained support from celebrities and fans, and even Isha Malviya acknowledged that Samarth had provoked Abhishek.

Fans are eagerly anticipating further revelations as Samarth Jurel shares his side of the story, adding more intrigue to the unfolding drama in Bigg Boss 17.