In the season finale of Koffee With Karan 8, Karan Johar teases an explosive blend of wholesomeness and fiery revelations. The special jury, featuring internet sensation Orry, and comedians Kusha Kapila, Sumukhi Suresh, Danish Sait, and Tanmay Bhat, are set to uncork their unfiltered opinions on the coveted kouch. Karan Johar, in a caption accompanying a lively video glimpse, hints at a brew of entertainment that wraps up the season with a bang.

In the gripping finale episode, Danish Sait delves into a poignant question, asking Karan Johar what stung more – being referred to as “uncle” or witnessing Zoya Akhtar launching star kids in ‘The Archies.’ Karan, known for his candid responses, initially expresses a sense of losing his crown, comparing it to feeling like the queen dies but here, the monarchy remains intact. He unveils a revealing moment when he suggested the venue for an event, emphasizing Zoya’s launch of three star kids. Karan passionately shares his vision of transforming outsiders into insiders, shedding light on his commitment to breaking barriers and providing opportunities beyond the realm of star-studded lineages.

The finale episode has left us eagerly anticipating more revelations, and its emotional depth has resonated with viewers, making it a must-watch.