The Bigg Boss house is known for its unexpected twists, and the latest one involves Ankita Lokhande mistakenly calling her husband Vicky Jain by another name, ‘Munna.’ The incident occurred during a conversation between Ankita and Vicky, creating a moment of laughter and amusement. The slip-up has sparked a wave of reactions from fans, with Ankita promptly apologizing for the mix-up. Munna, as viewers know, is another nickname associated with contestant Munawar Faruqui, who shared a close bond with Ankita until very recently.

Realizing her amusing slip of the tongue, Ankita Lokhande quickly apologized to Vicky Jain for the accidental mix-up. Vicky then proceeds to calmly talk to Ankita about a fight they recently had ignoring the fact that Ankita just called him ‘Munna.’ All of this also unfolded in front of Ayesha who was also linked to Munawar in the past. The clip of Ankita’s unintentional error has circulated on social media, drawing reactions from fans and viewers alike. Social media platforms are abuzz with comments from fans who found the incident both amusing and endearing. While some fans were quick to point out the mix-up, many others appreciated Ankita’s immediate apology, seeing it as a genuine and relatable moment.

Ankita Lokhande’s accidental mix-up of names in the Bigg Boss house has become a talking point among fans. The immediate apology and the lighthearted atmosphere that followed highlight the genuine and relatable nature of the television personality.