In the realm of celebrity interviews, Orry recently made a dazzling debut on “Koffee with Krana,” a platform known for its candid conversations and delightful revelations. During his appearance, Orry spilt the beans about having five minions in his “relevance room.” The intrigue deepened when Orry took to Instagram to introduce his five minions, including none other than Bollywood’s rising star Ananya Panday. However, in a twist reminiscent of the popular American show ‘Scream Queens,’ Ananya’s stint as Orry’s minion took an unexpected turn.

Check out his 5 minions below…

Orry, known for his humor and unique take on the entertainment industry, turned to Instagram to unveil his five minions to the world. Among the chosen minions were Orry number 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Ananya Panday, with her infectious charm and radiant personality, was crowned Orry number 3, standing out as a prominent member of the elite minion squad. In a hilarious twist, Ananya Panday’s role as Orry number 3 took a turn similar to that of a ‘Scream Queen’ character. She was playfully ousted from the minion squad for being “too relevant,” a humorous nod to the show’s theme where the lead character dismisses minions in a dramatic and stylish fashion.

Orry’s revelation of his five minions, with Ananya Panday as a standout member, showcased a delightful blend of humor, creativity, and pop culture references. The playful integration of ‘Scream Queens’ elements added an extra layer of entertainment.