The recent episode of Bigg Boss 17 brought forth its fair share of drama, conflicts, and controversies. As the housemates faced the media in an in-house press conference during the finale week, one burning question was directed at Vicky Jain – whether his fiery altercations with his wife, Ankita Lokhande, were scripted or genuine. The question stemmed from the controversial statements made by fellow contestant Abhishek Kumar, who claimed that Vicky and Ankita strategized and planned their heated arguments.

According to Abhishek, these alleged plotting sessions occurred under the privacy of their blankets in bed, after the couple discreetly removed their microphones. Addressing the media representative’s question, Vicky Jain maintained his composure and responded with clarity. He vehemently denied any allegations of scripting or planning the intense fights with Ankita on the reality show. According to Vicky, the emotions displayed during their disagreements were authentic reactions to the situations that unfolded inside the Bigg Boss house. He emphasized the unpredictable and high-pressure environment of the show, where emotions run high, and contestants find themselves entangled in various conflicts.

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As the couple navigated the challenges within the house, their emotional confrontations may have been intense, but according to their statements, they were not premeditated.

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