In the Bigg Boss 17 house, the roasting night unfolded with contestants taking hilarious jabs at each other. After the roasting task, the shock came with Ayesha Khan’s eviction from the nominated contestants. Exiting the BB house, Ayesha penned a sweet note for Ankita Lokhande, adding a heartwarming touch to their bond.

Locked inside the Bigg Boss 17 house, Ayesha Khan found solace and camaraderie in her bond with Ankita Lokhande. Their connection went beyond the camera’s gaze, with moments of mutual support during low phases. Now, as Ayesha embraces post-Bigg Boss interviews, her recent Instagram story reveals a heartfelt note for Ankita. Expressing gratitude, Ayesha acknowledges Ankita’s unwavering support throughout her journey, radiating love and immense respect. The note she shares hints at the meaningful relationships formed within the house, making it clear that despite the challenges, genuine connections blossomed. The bond between Ayesha and Ankita showcased even beyond the Bigg Boss walls, adds an adorable touch to their journey.

With the Bigg Boss 17 finale approaching, the intensity within the house escalates day by day, setting the stage for a gripping and thrilling culmination to this season’s journey.