The Bigg Boss 17 journey took an unexpected emotional turn as Mannara Chopra found herself in the midst of uncomfortable questions regarding her friendship with fellow contestant Vicky Jain, who happens to be the husband of Ankita Lokhande. The in-house press meet became a forum for probing inquiries, raising doubts and insecurities, leaving Mannara visibly distressed. Ankita Lokhande, Vicky’s wife and a fellow housemate, displayed evident discomfort and insecurity during the session, leading to probing questions about Mannara’s friendship with Vicky.

Mannara Chopra, a well-known actress, faced a situation unlike any she had encountered before. The barrage of questions and insinuations surrounding her relationship with Vicky Jain left her visibly uneasy and disturbed. Post the press meet, Mannara retreated to her room, overwhelmed by the emotional toll of the intense questioning. The toll on her mental and emotional well-being became apparent as she broke down in tears, grappling with the weight of the uncomfortable situation. Mannara, unaccustomed to such scrutiny and speculation, found solace in expressing her frustrations to fellow contestants Arun Mahshetty and Munawar Faruqui. In a candid conversation with Arun and Munawar, Mannara opened up about the distressing experience she went through during the press meet. She emphasized her strong bond with Vicky Jain and clarified that their relationship was nothing more than a brother-sister dynamic.

Mannara Chopra’s breakdown after being linked to Vicky Jain sheds light on the emotional challenges that contestants face within the confines of the Bigg Boss house. The intrusion of personal relationships and the toll it takes on mental health underline the complexities inherent in participating in a reality show of such magnitude