Renowned actor and musician Shruti Haasan is set to lead the cast in ‘Chennai Story,’ a groundbreaking Indo-UK co-production backed by the British Film Institute’s (BFI) UK Global Screen Fund. The film, directed by BAFTA winner Philip John, is the first Indian project to receive funding from BFI, marking a significant milestone in UK-India collaborations in cinema.

‘Chennai Story’ brings to life a romantic comedy based on Timeri N. Murari’s book ‘The Arrangements of Love,’ exploring love, self-expression, and acceptance amidst the vibrant settings of Chennai and Cardiff. With a diverse mix of English, Tamil, and Welsh languages, the film, starring Shruti Haasan and rising British talent Viveik Kalra, promises an engaging cross-cultural rom-com experience. Shruti Haasan’s versatile portrayal as the spunky private detective Anu aligns seamlessly with the film’s vision, and the collaborative efforts of Guru Films (India), Ripple World Pictures (UK), and ie Productions (Wales) under the UK-India Co-production Treaty bring an international flair to this cinematic endeavor.

As someone who loves movies, I’m really excited about the India-UK teamwork in ‘Chennai Story,’ backed by BFI. I can’t wait for the film’s journey to start filming, expecting a powerful and visually impressive global movie experience.