As Bigg Boss 17 approaches its thrilling finale, the anticipation for the last week intensifies, bringing with it the promise of known faces entering the house to support their close friends. Adding an extra layer of excitement to this season, Pooja Bhatt, an ex-contestant from Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, is poised to make a special entry into the Bigg Boss 17 house. Her mission: to stand in unwavering support of Mannara Chopra, who has faced tumultuous times inside the house, especially with the recent controversy involving Vicky Jain.

Pooja’s previous stint in Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 showcased her dynamic personality and straightforward approach, earning her a fan following. Now, she returns to the Bigg Boss fold, not as a contestant but as a support system for Mannara Chopra. Mannara Chopra, an actress known for her candid nature and dynamic personality, found herself in the eye of a storm during her stint in Bigg Boss 17. The recent controversy involving Vicky Jain, where he made inappropriate remarks about her and criticized her proximity to fellow contestant Munawar Faruqui, led to emotional moments for Mannara. However, amidst the chaos, Pooja Bhatt publicly defended Mannara and called out Vicky Jain’s inappropriate words, expressing solidarity with her friend.

As the grand finale of Bigg Boss 17 approaches, Pooja Bhatt’s entry into the house promises to be a turning point for Mannara Chopra. Pooja’s unwavering support and friendship are likely to serve as a source of strength for Mannara as she faces the final leg of the competition.

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