In a spectacular display of nostalgia and celebration, the grand finale of Bigg Boss 17 witnessed a star-studded reunion inside the house. Vicky Jain, husband of finalist Ankita Lokhande, along with the charismatic Sana Khan and Ayesha Khan, set the stage on fire as they grooved to music in an exciting task orchestrated by the hosts Orry and Bharti. Vicky Jain, Sana Khan, and Ayesha Khan were invited to showcase their dance moves, turning the Bigg Boss 17 house into a vibrant dance floor.

Joining Vicky Jain on the dance floor, Sana Khan and Ayesha Khan brought a perfect blend of grace and energy to the performance. Vicky was also teased by some within the house and was linked by audiences as well to Sana and Ayesha. Ankita Lokhande, the wife of Vicky Jain and one of the finalists vying for the Bigg Boss 17 trophy, cheered on the dance spectacle with enthusiasm. She was also called names like ‘insecure’ over these linkups! The dance extravaganza set the stage for a vibrant prelude to the ultimate announcement of the winner of Bigg Boss 17.

The grand finale of Bigg Boss 17 was elevated to new heights with the dynamic dance performance by ex-contestants Vicky Jain, Sana Khan, and Ayesha Khan. The task set by hosts Orry and Bharti became a highlight of the evening, bringing a wave of celebration and nostalgia.