Bigg Boss 17 concluded with comedian Munawar Faruqui clinching victory over actor Abhishek Kumar, securing the trophy, a Rs 50 Lakhs cash prize, and a new car. The announcement by Salman Khan, revealing Munawar as the winner, quickly went viral. Fans also couldn’t overlook Abhishek’s reaction as he stood beside Salman, acknowledging his runner-up status.

As Salman revealed Munawar as the winner of Bigg Boss 17, Abhishek, visibly disappointed, graciously accepted the outcome. Setting aside his shock, Abhishek embraced Munawar warmly, showcasing true sportsmanship. Additionally, he respectfully touched Salman’s feet and shared a hug with him after the winner was announced. Salman acknowledged Abhishek’s efforts, praising him with a sincere “Very well played.” This reaction showed the pure friendship between the two and their good bond.

Congratulations to Munawar and Abhishek for reaching the top 2 in Bigg Boss 17! Loved watching their journey, and I’m eagerly anticipating what surprises Bigg Boss has in store for the next season.