In a dramatic Bigg Boss 17 finale, Mannara Chopra narrowly missed clinching the trophy, losing out to Munawar Faruqui. Despite landing as the second runner-up, Mannara’s spirits remained high as she thanked her cousin, Priyanka Chopra, for her unwavering support.

According to News18, because of their hectic schedules, Mannara revealed that they didn’t get a chance to talk before she entered the BB House. However, her heartfelt plan to message Priyanka immediately after leaving reflects the genuine connection between them. Mannara’s gratitude towards her ‘PeeCee Didi’ after the grand finale showcased the warmth and support that define their sisterly relationship. In those moments, it’s not just about fame or trophies; it’s about the genuine love and encouragement that sisters share.

The immediate plan to message Priyanka after leaving Bigg Boss 17 feels so adorable – a genuine expression of sisterly love and support.