Bigg Boss 17 culminated with Munawar Faruqui triumphantly lifting the winner’s trophy. Following the announcement, Ankita Lokhande eliminated just minutes earlier, encountered a bunch of fans as she exited the set. Opting to steer clear of media interaction, Ankita’s worried expression hinted at a desire for privacy amidst the attention.

In a captured video, Ankita Lokhande seemed visibly upset as she headed towards her vanity van, surrounded by media and fans. With her mother walking behind, Ankita’s team worked to control the crowd. Urging everyone to keep calm, Ankita, the fourth finalist eliminated from the reality show, wore a worried expression as fans mobbed her outside the sets, adding an unexpected twist to the post-elimination moment. Commenters reacted to the video, expressing concern for Ankita Lokhande’s apparent distress. One mentioned how she seemed really broken, while another attributed the fan frenzy to her prioritization of family over interviews.

Eagerly awaiting more updates on the upcoming season of Bigg Boss, anticipating new twists and engaging moments. Excitement is building for what the next installment has in store!

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