Akshay Kumar and John Abraham’s beloved duo in ‘Desi Boyzz’ received immense love. Excitingly, news on the sequel is here, bringing an unexpected twist that’s sure to surprise fans. There is immense buzz about the sequel and there is an exciting update on it but there is a twist, it might not star Akshay Kumar and John Abraham in it!

According to a report from PeepingMoon, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham won’t be reprising their roles in the ‘Desi Boyzz’ sequel. Instead, younger actors will take the lead, embracing a fresh storyline unrelated to the original. I find it pretty interesting to see that they’ll change the cast and I wonder who can they cast in this sequel!

As details unfold about the ‘Desi Boyzz’ sequel’s unexpected turn, my curiosity intensifies, and the anticipation to uncover more about the fresh narrative builds!

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