In an exclusive statement, Hollywood heavyweight John Cena has showered his ‘Argylle’ co-star Henry Cavill with praise, labelling the Superman actor as “a flat-out stud.” The upcoming spy thriller, ‘Argylle,’ promises to deliver a razor-witted, reality-bending, and globe-encircling espionage experience, featuring a star-studded cast led by Cavill, Cena, and other notable names. Directed by the visionary Matthew Vaughn, ‘Argylle’ boasts an ensemble cast that includes Henry Cavill in the titular role as agent Argylle, Ariana Debose, Richard E Grant, and global pop sensation Dua Lipa as Lagrange, Argylle’s elegant and lethal nemesis.

L to R: John Cena and Henry Cavill in ARGYLLE, directed by Matthew Vaughn

Notably, John Cena takes on the role of Wyatt, agent Argylle’s best friend and main accomplice in this high-octane spy thriller. In an exclusive statement, John Cena didn’t hold back in expressing his admiration for his co-star Henry Cavill. Cena remarked, “Henry has everything you want from a leading man – poise, charisma, professionalism. The man is just a flat-out stud.” The accolades from Cena provide a glimpse into the camaraderie and mutual respect that has blossomed among the ‘Argylle’ cast during the filming of this highly anticipated espionage flick. Cena’s endorsement of Cavill as a “flat-out stud” further highlights the magnetic presence and star power that the actor brings to the table.

John Cena’s praise for Henry Cavill serves as a testament to the exceptional talent and charisma that the ‘Argylle’ cast brings to the table. As the spy thriller inches closer to its release, anticipation continues to build around this globe-trotting adventure that promises to redefine the genre. The film is all set to release in India on 2nd February, in Hindi and English. Make sure you add this film to your watch list!