Christian Oliver, popularly known for his roles in ‘Speed Racer’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ died along with his two young daughters in a plane crash. The tragic accident took place near Petit Nevis Island in the eastern Caribbean. Christian Oliver and his daughters Madita and Annik were the sole passengers on the small plane that crashed on Thursday, December 4.

Christian Oliver was 51 and had made several TV and film appearances, including ‘The Babysitters Club’, ‘Ready or Not’, and ‘Valkyrie’. His daughters, Annik Klepser was 12 and Madita Klepser was 10. As per reports, the single-engine jet was heading towards St. Lucia before it nose-dived into the Caribbean waters off Bequia.

Fishermen and divers rushed to the site after the crash. Four dead bodies were recovered from the place of the accident, identified as Oliver, his two daughters, and the pilot, Robert Sachs. The cause of the crash is now being investigated by the authorities.