Actor Karan Singh Grover recently opened up about the decision he and his wife, Bipasha Basu, made regarding their daughter Devi’s privacy. In an interview with India Today, Karan shared their reasons for choosing not to reveal Devi’s face to the public and how they navigate interactions with paparazzi and strangers. Karan Singh Grover explained that he and Bipasha Basu decided not to reveal their daughter Devi’s face because they believed they did not have her permission to do so.

He recently shared pictures with his family…

Despite their efforts to maintain Devi’s privacy, Karan revealed that their daughter sometimes greets “random people” when they travel. Karan shared that Bipasha Basu expressed the importance of waiting until Devi is older and can decide for herself whether she wants her face to be shown to the public. This decision reflects their commitment to honoring Devi’s autonomy and allowing her to have agency over her image. Despite the challenges, Karan expressed appreciation for the understanding shown by the paparazzi and others in respecting their family’s wishes regarding Devi’s privacy. He noted that their familiarity with the paparazzi has helped in communicating their desire to keep Devi’s face private.

Karan Singh Grover‘s explanation sheds light on the thoughtful approach he and Bipasha Basu have taken to protect their daughter Devi’s privacy.

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