Anushka Sharma knew Virat Kohli was the one when she saw the depth in his eyes, mirroring her own aspirations and values. Beyond his talent, she found a soulmate committed to love and understanding. Their love story continues to inspire, showing that true magic lies in shared dreams and heartfelt connection. Now Anushka Sharma reveals how Virat Kohli used to impress her while dating and it’s just so sweet.

During an interview at Puma HQ, Anushka Sharma playfully revealed why she knew Virat Kohli would make an excellent husband – his impeccable memory. She couldn’t help but admire his ability to remember everything, contrasting it with her own tendency to forget even her phone. With a smile, she confessed to her “selective memory,” especially when it comes to their adorable daughter. Their wedding, a dreamy affair, remains a cherished memory, symbolizing their boundless love and gratitude for their fans’ unwavering support. Anushka’s heartfelt caption on their wedding photo perfectly encapsulates their journey, sprinkled with love, laughter, and the promise of forever.

I love hearing about Virushka as they’re the epitome of adorable lovebirds, inspiring countless hearts with their sweet gestures and unwavering bond.